What Is The Army National Guard?

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It is militia force which uses army ranks and structure, but their members are part-time soldiers. They are available for both state and federal service. If you are required to serve your country then guards are the right place for you. They are basically like the Army Reserve. They are divided into two groups: Army National Guard of the United States (ARNGUS) and Army National Guard of the state (ARNG). They are technically military but they don’t belong to Army or Army reserves..

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What is the purpose of the Army National Guard?

The purpose of the Army National Guard is to organize, train and equip selected reservists for prompt mobilization during war or emergency, and to assist in the execution of emergency plans during peacetime..

What is the difference between the Army and the National Guard?

In the United States, there are several state National Guards, but only one National Guard, the National Guard of the United States, which is a federal reserve military force. The National Guard of the United States is a reserve military force that reports to the U.S. Army. The National Guard of the United States is a state’s supported force that is subordinate to the U.S. Army. Every state National Guard has a dual federal and state status. It has been so since the creation of the National Guard. The primary difference between the Army and the National Guard is that the Army is a major force in the nation’s military, while the National Guard supports the Army when needed..

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Are National Guard real soldiers?

The National Guard is a reserve military force composed of members from the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard. Although members of the National Guard are typically called up for duty for natural disasters, civil disturbances, and other similar events, they may be called upon for military actions. National Guardsmen are often deployed to foreign countries, where they help extend the reach of American power and support U.S. interests..

Does the Army National Guard go to war?

The National Guard is a federal reserve component of the United States military, which can be activated by the National Guard Bureau in Washington D.C. during times of war or disaster to supplement the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force. In fact, the Army National Guard is considered more of a ground force than an air force. Much of its activities is centered around ground warfare with the Army National Guard focused on the protection of the armed forces and its role as a defensive force against enemy attacks. The Army National Guard also helps with civil and wild catastrophes and provides humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to the public..

How much does a National Guard make?

The typical enlistment bonus for the National Guard is $10,000. If this sounds like an amount you might be interested in, you can find the Guard’s bonus program here ..

Who can deploy National Guard?

Only the President of the United States, the governors of individual states or the commander of a particular state’s National Guard can do so. The National Guard was first used during the Revolutionary War. It was used again during the Civil War, during the Spanish-American War and in both world wars..

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What’s better Army or National Guard?

First, decide whether you want to serve in active duty or in the reserve. The Active Duty Army is for people who want to be current in their military knowledge, want to travel to new places, and want to stay in the military for the rest of their lives. The Reserve, or National Guard, is for people who want to serve in the military when they’re younger but want to live with their families in the meantime. Most people in the Reserves are called up for one weekend per month and two weeks per year. There are also two additional programs to consider. If you’re a high school or college student, you can enlist as a part-time Soldier and attend school for free. Or, if you’re a health care professional, you can volunteer as a health care specialist, coordinating medical services and programs for the Army and community..

How long do you have to serve in the National Guard?

National Guard members serve on a voluntary basis and hold jobs and pursue education alongside their military service. The minimum commitment for most people is 8 months. However, there are some exceptions to the rule. Some soldiers choose to serve longer, and some choose to serve shorter based on their own personal goals. You can also choose to serve more than once, and often do..

What is the weight requirement for the National Guard?

__ pounds is the maximum enlistment weight requirement for the National Guard. Soldiers on active duty must weigh at least __ pounds. The weight requirement for people who are joining the Guard is more than the active duty requirement. This is because the Guard needs soldiers who are of average weight for endurance, strength and the ability to use the required equipment. If you are joining the National Guard, you must be within __ pounds of your active duty weight..

How long is National Guard boot camp?

National Guard boot camp can be rather long. It lasts for nine weeks and is preceded by a few weeks of basic training. The actual boot camp is the first three weeks, which includes physical training as well as combat development skills. The last six weeks are spent on learning how to use the various weapons the soldiers will operate in the field, from small arms to heavy weapons..

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Is the Army National Guard worth it?

It’s always difficult to separate the things you love from the things you were groomed to do. This is why it’s difficult for me to say that the Army National Guard isn’t worth it. I feel that over the course of my career I’ve had a lot of experiences that’ve shaped me into the man I am today and that’s why I’m still grateful about it. The Army National Guard isn’t the only way to serve the country, but it’s a way..

Does National Guard pay for housing?

Yes, the National Guard does pay for housing. In fact, most states now offer a free home to those who serve in the National Guard. The stipend varies from state to state, but it is usually a fair amount. In some cases, it may be a bit more than a soldier or a reservist would receive during active duty. This is a great thing for those who have a family and want to have a home to come back to. Many soldiers have a difficult time making ends meet on a regular paycheck, so this kind of relief is a great thing..

Did National Guard go to Iraq?

The National Guard have been in Iraq for years, not just recently. The National Guard was first called to serve in Iraq in 2003. They were deployed at the time to take over the roles of regular troops who had come home for rest and recuperation. National Guard troops took over security missions in the country at the time. That deployment lasted until the end of 2005. Then another 6-month deployment was conducted in Iraq in 2007. The National Guard were deployed in Iraq again in 2009, and they are still part of the ongoing conflict in the country..

How often does National Guard work?

The National Guard is a reserve force under control of the United States government. However, the National Guard is composed of soldiers who are actually active duty military. While they are not on active duty, they are still expected to train every weekend. When they are on active duty, they are expected to serve two weeks every month. When they are on active duty, they are expected to serve two weeks every month..

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