What Is The Army Reserve?

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The Army Reserve is the largest branch of the Army and the Army National Guard. This branch is made up of citizen soldiers, which means that they maintain a civilian job. Most soldiers serve part time, usually one weekend a month and two weeks a year. The Army Reserve trains citizen soldiers to deploy on a moment’s notice. The Army Reserve has a long history dating back to the first Congress of the United States. In 1792, the first eight militia regiments were created as a reserve of the Army. In 1917, as the United States approached its entry into World War I, the National Guard was federalized and the Army Reserve was created to provide a reserve for the Army..

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What does the Army Reserve do?

The Army Reserve provides a way for you to serve your community and develop a skill set that may benefit you in a future career. As a member of the Army Reserve, you can have a rewarding civilian job and serve your country when you’re needed most. It is a great way to provide for your family and help your country..

Do Army Reserves get paid?

No, Army Reserves are not paid. Reserves are not paid because they are not actively serving in the military. The reason for this is that the Army Reserves are called upon during times of war or national emergency. When called upon, Reserves are paid for their service..

Do Army Reserves go to war?

They used to, but no more. The Army Reserve is now mobilized through the federal Ready Reserve Force. The Ready Reserve Force was established to provide trained units and qualified persons available for involuntary calls of the Ready Reserve. The RFR is the organized, trained military force that is not currently needed for active duty. These are reserve forces of the Army that are on call, trained, and available for immediate recall. However, there are some soldiers who have thought it possible to have a career in the Army Reserve after the war. So the Army Reserve does exist, but they are not deployed any more..

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What is the difference between Army and Army Reserve?

Army Reserve is absolutely necessary in the present time, the soldiers who are serving in the army reserve are also serving the country. They get the same training for 6 month periods of training plus 6 months of working in the reserve..

How much do Army Reserves make?

It depends on what your MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) is. If you’re an E-5 your base pay is $2,332.90 per month. That doesn’t include any special pays such as re-enlistment, hardship, and other pays..

How long is Army Reserve contract?

An Army Reserve contract is usually as long as a soldier’s Active Duty service commitment. The length of service commitment depends on your MOS and enlistment contract. You can learn more about this here:.

Is the Army Reserve worth it?

The Army Reserve is a part of the United States Army which is an official reserve force. Its members are known as reservists. The Army Reserve consists of three Ready Reserve elements: 1. The Army Reserve Command (ARC), 2. The Army National Guard (ARNG), and 3. The Army National Guard of the United States (ARNGUS). The ARNG and the ARNGUS are liable for operations and non-operational training duties as well as serving as a backup for the regular Army. Reserves are the “back up” for regular forces. Unlike regular army, Reserves can’t leave base or use a weapon without explicit permission from their commanding officer. In times of war, however, the Reserves can be used as a screening force to determine where regular forces can best be applied, so as to prevent against sudden massive attacks. In the United States, the Army Reserves are organized as a component of both the regular United States Army as well as the United States National Guard. They are a special volunteer reserve force, and they are officially a part of the United States Army. The Army Reserves are a “total force”, and as such they consist of Active Guard and Reserve (AGR), the Army Reserve, and the Army National Guard.

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How long is Army Reserve basic training?

Basic training is a period of time where recruits are given a crash course on military life. The length of time depends on the branch of the service. The Army requires 11 weeks for basic training, The Air Force requires 10 weeks, The Marine Corps requires 13 weeks, and the Navy requires 12 weeks..

How much do Army Reserves make an hour?

The minimum pay for an Army Reserve is $541.25 a month for a private and $1,208.13 a month for a second lieutenant. The maximum for a Reserve Officer is $3,906.25 a month..

Can you quit the army reserves?

Yes, it is possible to quit the army reserve forces. The easiest way is to apply for a discharge. This will be done through your commanding officer, who after reviewing your application will have to give his approval. If you are still in your initial training period, then you might have to wait for the period to be over before you can get discharged. There are cases when soldiers are able to quit the reserves when they are in the middle of their training period. This is possible when the individual in question is not fit for the work force anymore. There are also instances when soldiers are able to quit the reserves when they are in the middle of their courses. If you are in the reserves for more than three years, then your service in the reserves will not affect your military retirement. If you are planning on quitting the reserves, then you should talk to an attorney about the possibility of doing so..

What benefits do Reserves get?

For most people, the number one question they ask is “What benefits do Reserves get?”, especially since you’ll be required to give up your current life – your civilian job, your car, your apartment, your family – to pursue your military career. It is important to remember that joining the Reserves is more than just putting on the uniform and getting out on the weekends for training. If you are thinking about joining the Reserves, you should be prepared to give something up for five years. Here are the benefits that you can expect to receive as an Army Reserve Soldier:.

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Can you live on base in the reserves?

It depends on the type of units you are being called for. Usually, service members can have a home off base, receive a living stipend and the same allowances as the active duty service members. Generally, the reservists can maintain a primary residence off base, but they may have a unit assignment that requires them to live on base..

How often do Army Reserves get paid?

Army Reserves get paid once a month. Every month, soldiers are paid twice; the first paycheck is issued on the 10th, and the second one is issued on the 25th. Payments are issued on or before 1100Z on the 15th and 2500Z on the 25th. This is not a typo. When a soldier is in a combat zone, he is paid on the 15th and the 25th of the month. “Z” stands for zone..

Are Reservists real soldiers?

The Reservists are taken from the civilian community to serve in the Armed forces of the country during emergency or war. They are given extensive training to be of service to the nation. Though Reservists are not regular soldiers, they are the ones who play an important role in the battlefield, if the need arises. Reservists are often called up for military training during times of war. If they are not called, they are paid full salary by the government with no deployment. Reservists are similar to the National Guards of other countries, with the exception that they are not called up until the National Guard has been mobilized..

What are the physical requirements for the Army Reserve?

There are no hard and fast boundaries that define what physically qualified means. A recruiter will look at your overall health and stamina and determine if your body can adequately handle the demands of military life. If you meet the minimum requirements, you will be considered. These requirements are more than just passing a physical aptitude test. You will be expected to participate in various military training activities. This will include physical training, running, swimming, some types of athletic activities, and obstacle courses. Even if you are “qualified” you can expect to do any of the following depending on your unit: – Deploy with your unit – Perform community relations activities – Perform military operations – Perform guard/reserve support activities – Perform military training – Perform administrative tasks – Perform science & technology tasks – Perform personnel support activities – Perform firefighting operations – Perform construction activities – Perform services support activities.

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