What Items Does Salvation Army Not Accept?

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They don’t accept beds, mattresses, sofa beds, recliners, dinette sets, upholstered chairs, sofas, dressers, china, glassware or dishes. They don’t accept any TV’s or VCR’s. They do accept most clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, electronics, appliances, books, tools, and other household items..

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What won’t the Salvation Army take?

The Salvation Army is a Christian organization that provides a number of needed services to a number of different individuals and communities across the country. They have a number of different resources that they provide to people or organizations that need assistance. However, there are a few things that the Salvation Army will not take. The first thing that they will not take is money. They will not take money in the form of donations, because they do not want the money to be the end goal of the fundraiser. The Salvation Army wants to offer people more than just money. They offer people food, clothing, shelter, and various other services, all of which make people more productive, and able to take care of themselves or their families in the long run..

What items should not be donated?

The list is actually quite long, but some of the things that you should not donate are: * Broken electronics * Used clothing * Unwanted gifts.

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Can you donate used socks to Salvation Army?

Salvation Army does accept used socks and matching underwear (new only). However, they also accept gently used clothing in any condition, including clothing with stains and ripped clothing. Please note that they do not accept undergarments with holes. Salvation Army recommends sorting clothes by gender and type (shirts, pants, and so on) and by color and quality (good and torn). You can donate clothing and other household items at the Salvation Army’s nearest location. You can find your nearest location here..

What items does goodwill not accept?

This is a very common question. But not many people have a clear answer. This question is asked by many potential donors after they have donated their items to the Goodwill. We have a list of things that Goodwill does accept and a list that Goodwill does not..

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