What Time Does Salvation Army Open?

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It depends on where you live and the time of the year. Some areas require that you get on a waiting list. Dial (800) SAL-ARMY. Website:

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What is the best day to go to Salvation Army?

I actually visited a one-day Salvation Army thrift store in a large metropolitan area a year or two ago. According to the manager, the best day of the week to shop at the Salvation Army is Tuesday. They have a large delivery from a local charity, which means they have a lot of new merchandise available. She said to avoid Mondays and Fridays. I would suggest checking the store website or calling ahead to find out when they get new merchandise in, so you can shop at the times when the best stuff is available..

What items does Salvation Army not accept?

Salvation Army does not accept PC monitors, computers, laptops, eyeglasses, large furniture, box springs, mattresses, beds, water heaters, large appliances, hot water heaters, or vehicles. For a full list of what Salvation Army does and does not accept, please visit the Salvation Army website at ..

Is Salvation Army half off on Wednesday?

Salvation Army stores are closed on Wednesdays. The exception to this rule is sometimes once or twice a year, during the holiday season..

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What should I look for when thrifting?

Thrifting is a great way to get rid of old clothes and accessories, and get something unique in return. The following are a few things to look for when thrifting: * Condition – The item should be in good condition, so you can wear or display it without damaging it. If it’s a piece of furniture, it should have no major damage, and the piece should be sturdy. * Price – Get a sense of how much the item you want is worth, and try to get a deal. * Size – If you’re looking for clothing, make sure it fits you. * Rarity – If you’re looking for vintage items, try to find something rare. * Practicality – If you’re looking for something to wear, make sure it’s something you can actually wear..

Does The Salvation Army take furniture?

The Salvation Army doesn’t take furniture, but it does refer people to organizations that do. If you know of someone who is moving or getting rid of furniture, you can direct them to Goodwill or other charities that accept donations. Salvation Army does not take furniture because it is hard to resell. Salvation Army does, however, accept clothing donations..

Can you donate bras to Salvation Army?

You can donate bras to Salvation Army or any other organization supporting women’s cause. So, you are wondering what exactly do the women’s shelters need, right? Well, bras come in different colors, styles, and sizes, so the only thing they really need is new bras. No used undergarments, please. You can also donate items that are not necessarily bras but that could help the women feel good about themselves, for example, makeup, hair styling tools, and similar items..

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What items should not be donated?

There are many items that should not be donated to charity or thrift stores, so it is always better to ask before you donate. For example, most charities will not accept used diapers or any other bodily fluids. If you are donating items to be used by children, make sure they are not toys with small parts. Also, if the item is outdated, worn out, or broken, it is expected that you would donate it instead of throwing it away. Some charities will not accept clothing that is more than three years old if it is not in good condition. When donating to thrift stores, there are certain items that are almost always welcome, like books and linens. Even old electronics can be donated to charity, but you should always ask first..

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