Where Is Army West Point?

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Army West Point is a four-year United States Military Academy located in West Point, New York. It is the oldest institution in the country..

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Is West Point part of the Army?

Yes and no. West Point is not part of the United States Army, but it is a similar and prestigious academy that strives to prepare cadets for a career in the United States Army..

How much does it cost to go to Army West Point?

Admission to Army is free (welcome to the Army) but tuition is not. Tuition is $1,400/semester. As of 2008, the cost for books for an in-resident cadet is $740/semester. The cost of room and board can range from $2,975 to $4,000. Keep in mind that the most expensive thing for most cadets is being away from home. Cadets have to pay for their own room and board, but their tuition is free. For most cadets, the tuition they pay is more than they would have paid for college if they lived at home. You will need to have a good idea of what your family plans are before you commit to being a cadet. Also, most cadets are on some sort of scholarship. The scholarships can be full or partial..

Is West Point academy Army or Navy?

The United States Military Academy at West Point is a federal service academy, meaning it is a branch of the United States Army. However, this fact has been questioned by many, since West Point is located on a U.S. Army base. In fact, the Academy is located 55km from New York City, and it is a short subway ride from Times Square..

How hard is it to get into Army West Point?

Army West Point is the United States Military Academy. It is a four year ROTC program. There are two two-year tracks that cadets in the Army West Point can become: the Infantry and the Signal Corps..

Can you go to West Point without joining the army?

No. West Point is owned by the U.S. Army. All cadets are members of the military, and the academy is run by the Department of the Army. West Point is a four-year undergraduate college, and you must graduate before you are commissioned as an officer. To graduate, each cadet must complete at least 120 credits worth of courses, including general education courses, major-specific courses, electives, and physical training. Students usually graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in their major, and most graduates go on to become Army officers. The overall attrition rate at West Point is about 10 percent. Many of the people who don’t make it through the first year of school voluntarily withdraw, but others are “separated” due to poor performance. If you do not complete the required number of credits to graduate within four years, or cannot meet the physical training standards, you are also separated. Those who are separated are usually denied reappointment to the academy..

How many years do you have to serve after West Point?

After you graduate, you will have five years of active duty service, unless you are medically disqualified or you fail to pass the physical fitness test. After your active duty service, you must serve four years in the Individual Ready Reserves, unless you are medically disqualified or fail to pass the physical fitness test..

Do you get paid while at West Point?

I’m a cadet at United States Military Academy and we do get paid. But we do not draw paychecks — we receive a “Monthly Stipend” paid to our bank accounts each month. The monthly stipend is $1,600 for Cadets who are on the “Army” track and $1,300 for Cadets on the “Academics” track. The stipend was increased $100 per month on 1 June 2011. We may spend our stipend however we want, but we are normally expected to purchase our own uniforms. Cadets on the “Army” track will purchase a new uniform at a total cost of about $600 every year. Cadets on the “Academics” track will spend about $300 a year to replace their uniform as necessary..

Do you get summers off at West Point?

No, we do not get summers off at West Point. There is no possibility of an “off-season” during the first two years–the plebe summer and the first year. During the second and third years, cadets do not receive the summer break that civilian colleges take, but we do get a winter break that lasts about 2 weeks before start of the Spring semester..

How much does a West Point graduate make?

West Point graduates typically make anywhere from $80,000 to $150,000 per year. According to the U.S. military salary charts, 2015 Cadets receive a monthly salary of $1,716.67. These figures are only the base pay of the Cadet, and do not account for other military benefits..

What percentage of army officers come from West Point?

West Point is the United States Military Academy, located in West Point, NY. It has been one of the premiere education centers for those who want to join the military since its founding in 1802. The Academy is operated as a Department of the Army by the United States Department of Defense. In 2008, enrollment was 4,400 Cadet. In addition, about 1,000 civilian faculty bring the total number to 5,700 members. The ratio of officers to cadets is 1:9. There are no enlisted personnel at West Point. The Academy’s endowment is approximately $1.4 billion..

What is a freshman at West Point called?

According to the official West Point website, a freshman at West Point is called a “plebe.” The term “plebe” is derived from the Latin word plebes, which means “the common people.”.

Why is it called West Point?

West Point was originally named Fort Clinton and it was commissioned by George Washington. The fort was located along the western bank of the Hudson River and was established as a defense against the British and the French. The fort changed hands several times during the Revolutionary War and became known as Fort Arnold in 1780. After the war, the fort was renamed to Fort Clinton and the city roundabout the fort was renamed West Point, so it is called West Point..

Do West Point graduates go to war?

To be honest, this is a bullshit question. West Point graduates don’t go to war; they make war. Every West Point graduate carries within him the fierce determination, the calm courage, and the sense of duty that were instilled by the Academy. West Point graduates are leaders who don’t go to war, they fight and win wars. They don’t rush to battle; they seek out the enemy. They don’t wait for orders; they seek out the hottest action. They take the initiative, and volunteer for the most difficult missions. They don’t worry about being tired or hungry or cold or dirty or sick. They don’t worry about danger or death, because they know these are the risks of war. They have a warrior’s heart, and a warrior’s spirit that makes them the fiercest fighters on earth. West Point graduates always lead the way, and as many as one in six West Point alumni will wear the uniform of the US Army Infantry..

What GPA is required for military?

The minimum GPA required to join the military varies between each service. The Air Force requires 2.5, the Army requires 2.0, the Navy requires 3.0, and the Marine Corps requires 2.75. All services require that you have a high school diploma or a GED. The Navy requires all recruits to have completed A-C-G requirements. These requirements are math, science, and english..

Can you be married and attend West Point?

You can be married and attend West Point , you just can’t get married while attending the academy, and if you’re married, you can’t get married for at least 24 hours after arriving on campus. Did you get an appointment to the Military Academy? If so, you’ll be required to pass a physical and get a health assessment, and you’ll need to get your wisdom teeth removed before you enter the Academy. You won’t be able to bring a car to the Academy. You’ll also need a valid driver’s license in order to get a state vehicle identification card. All of this is required before you arrive on campus..

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