Which Is The Costliest Chocolate In India?

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Which Is The Costliest Chocolate In India?

The average price of a chocolate is about $3 and you might think that is costly, but there is something that is even costlier than that and that is the rarest chocolate in the world which has been priced at $3.5 million dollars. This chocolate is made from the shell of the fruit of the cocoa tree which has been named the “Pasquita” chocolate. This chocolate has been named so because it was discovered in the village of Pasquita in the Dominican Republic. The chocolate was found in the form of rocks which were found in the forest of Galicia, the country’s largest island, by Mel Lindquist. The chocolate was examined by scientists and it was found that it was made of 65% cocoa. The chocolate was actually made in May 2001, but it was certified just recently. Lindquist has indeed struck gold by discovering this rare chocolate..

Which chocolate is very costly?

There are many expensive chocolates in the market. Some of them are Godiva chocolates, Lindt chocolates, Pralus chocolates, Rocher chocolates and Toblerone chocolates..

Which is best chocolate in India?

The best chocolate in India is ___. It is sold in ___. The brand name is ___. The flavor is ___. The taste is ___. The price is ___. The ingredients are ___. I like this chocolate. It is very tasty. I really like the flavor. It is not too sweet. My friends like it too. I stay in ___. I usually buy it in ___..

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Is Ferrero Rocher expensive?

Ferrero Rocher is one of the most popular chocolate brands in the world. In 1995, it was ranked as the number one chocolate confectionery product in the world by the now defunct National Association of Confectioners. The chocolate brand was created in Italy in the year 1949 by a man named Michele Ferrero. It was a rebranding of a kind of chocolate that was called “Chiasso” at the time. Ferrero Rocher is a combination of a hazelnut and cocoa nougat with a milk chocolate covering. It also has a whole roasted hazelnut inside. The product is sold all over the world and is made by Nutella, a division of the Ferrero chocolate company. Ferrero Rocher is one of the most luxurious chocolate brands in the world. It is known for its unique taste and the whole hazelnut inside. It is a very expensive chocolate but it is a popular gift item for a host of occasions..

Which is the No 1 chocolate in world?

__% percent of the consumers prefer dark chocolate. The demand for dark chocolate is more than the combined demand for milk and white chocolate combined. Dark chocolate is also more expensive than milk chocolate. It is also believed that chocolate improves our heart health..

What is the No 1 chocolate in India?

There is no such thing as No 1 chocolate in India. After all, India is a country and not just one state. It is a diverse country and people have different tastes and preferences. That is why there is no such thing as the No 1 chocolate in India..

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Is Ferrero a Rocher?

A Rocher is a French chocolate ball with soft nougat at its core. It is made by the Swiss company “Confiserie Heidelberg S.A.”, which is the owner of the trademark “Rocher”. Rocher is their leading chocolate brand. Ferrero does not own this brand. Ferrero Rocher is named after the Italian town of Ferrera, where Ferrero factory is located..

Who made chocolate?

As early as 500 BC, the ancient Americas were cultivating cacao, the plant from which chocolate is made. In Mexico, the Maya and their neighbors mixed ground cacao beans with water to make a frothy, bitter drink flavored with vanilla and chile pepper. The Aztecs made a more complicated version with pepper, cornmeal, spices, and honey. It was served to runners at the end of a long, grueling day of running, no doubt to re-energize them before heading out again..

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