Who Owns Theo Chocolate?

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Who Owns Theo Chocolate?

Theo Chocolate was started in Seattle in 2002 by Christopher and Michelle Cali as a bean to bar chocolate company. In 2006, the company relocated to Portland where the owners now source and manufacture their bars. The company is now owned and operated by the owners and is based out of Portland, Oregon. To learn more about the owners, you can visit their LinkedIn profile or their about us page ..

How much is Theo chocolate worth?

Theo chocolate is the most expensive chocolate in the world and has an extremely rare and coveted flavor, and can cost up to $200 per pound. The founder and CEO of Theo Chocolate, Doug Hewitt, discovered that cocoa farmers in Ecuador were not paid well and were often mistreated. Doug decided that he wanted to change that, and started a business to give back to these farmers, and sell high-end, high-quality chocolate. So far, the company has given over $1,000,000 to cocoa farmers in Ecuador, and nearly $2 million in total, and all of the cocoa beans used in the chocolate come from Ecuador..

Where does Theo chocolate come from?

Theo chocolate is the first bean-to-bar chocolate company in the United States. They are so successful that they are opened more than twenty stores. Their bars are made of 75% cocoa, which is the highest quality that anyone can ever sell. Theo is produced in California, where there’s a very good terroir for growing cocoa. Even though the company is new, their chocolates are already some of the best in the country. There is no doubt that their chocolate will make history, once they are discovered more. Theo is made of the finest ingredients. They are organic, non-GMO, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, vegan and kosher. Just like any great chocolate, Theo chocolate has the unique flavor of deep cocoa beans. These unique flavor is due to the fact that Theo handmake their chocolate using old-fashioned copper conchales. They also include organic cane sugar in the recipe, which is no doubt an excellent source of natural sugars. Even if Theo chocolate is quite expensive, they’re worth every penny. The unique flavor and the high quality is incomparable with any other brand of chocolate..

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Is Theo Chocolate a small business?

It has a small-scale origin, but now it is no longer a small business as it was bought by Mars, Inc. Theo Chocolate is now a subsidiary of Mars, Inc. Currently, they have 10,000 employees and it has over 80,000 farmers who buy from them. Mars, Inc. has a policy to make sure that they make a good social impact through their business..

Where is Theo made?

I’m not sure where Theo is made, but I do know who makes it. The company is called “Theo Chocolate”, it’s based out of Seattle, Washington, and was started by Theo Glenn in 1991. The company has several different products including chocolate bars, hot cocoa, chocolate covered nuts, chocolate covered cherries, chocolates, etc..

Who started Theo Chocolate?

Theo Chocolate was started by a group of friends in Oakland in 2003. The founders of Theo Chocolate met while attending Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Each of them has a unique background and set of skills. They were united by a simple belief: great chocolate is a basic human right..

Is Theo Chocolate Healthy?

Theo Chocolate is an artisanal bean-to-bar chocolate company in Oakland, California. First, let’s get the obvious out of the way. Chocolate is one of the all-time great comfort foods. Theo Chocolate is one of the most delicious chocolate snacks you’re ever likely to find. It is perfectly fine to indulge in Theo Chocolate when you just need something to cheer you up or when you just don’t feel like cooking dinner. However, if you’ve got the munchies, make sure you eat something healthy like carrot sticks or apple slices. The problem is, Theo Chocolate does not seem to be healthy. It is loaded with sugar, chocolate liquor and cocoa butter. Theo Chocolate is definitely not part of any weight-loss or weight-management diet..

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Is Theo chocolate ethical?

Theo chocolate is known for its direct relationship with farmers and producers, not only in the Dominican Republic, but in Africa, Indonesia, and Peru. It is fair trade chocolate that is organic, sustainable, and delicious..

Is Theo chocolate ethically sourced?

We at Quora love chocolate, and even more the ethically sourced Theo Chocolate . Therefore, we searched for an answer to this question. Theo’s claim is that it uses ethically sourced beans, which are much better than the mass-produced chocolate. They say that what they do is “chocolate that makes the world a better place.” It’s certified organic, non GMO, gluten free, kosher, and fair trade. Does this mean that Theo’s chocolate is ethically sourced? If yes, why, if no, why not?.

Is Theo chocolate vegan?

Theo chocolate is NOT vegan because Theo Chocolate does not contain any animal products or by-products. However Theo Chocolate does not claim to be a vegan chocolate because their ingredients do contain traces of dairy products from the manufacturing process. Theo Chocolate products are produced in a facility that processes dairy products, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, and wheat. In addition, Theo Chocolate is a chocolate company and as such produces chocolate products which are not vegan as the ingredients they use are not vegan..

How does Theo Chocolate give back to the community?

Theo Chocolate’s mission is to “make the best chocolate in the world and give back to the community.” The company works with a variety of non-profit organizations, including: Tree House Foundation, Pax Christi International, Verde Fund, and more. Our products are available on our website, at Theo Chocolate’s retail store in Point Richmond, CA, on Amazon, and on a variety of retail location shelves..

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What advantages does Theo Chocolate have by sourcing cocoa from the Congo?

Theo Chocolate is sourcing cocoa from the Congo because the price of chocolate is increasing. It is increasing so much that customers are willing to pay more for premiums chocolates. The cocoa beans Theo is getting are also organic, so Theo is also helping the farmers in the Congo..

What is Fairtrade chocolate?

Fairtrade is a campaign designed to help farmers in developing countries, who receive fair wages for their labour, which provides them with a decent living standard. Fair trade usually refers to the export of agricultural products. The Fairtrade organization was created in the United Kingdom in by Max Havelaar , a Dutch consumer movement. Membership in the Fairtrade organization is a guarantee that a minimum of a fair trade price is offered to the producer. Buyers of Fairtrade products also contribute to the producers..

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