Why Did Kim Delaney Leave Army Wives?

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Kim Delaney has explained in an interview that she left the show because she wants to spend more time with her daughter. She revealed that she is looking forward to spending quality time with her family. She said her daughter has been her priority over the past years and she didn’t want to miss out any school events or activities. She said she is done with the show for now..

Why Did Kim Delaney Leave Army Wives? – Related Questions

What happened to Claudia Joy on Army Wives?

Claudia Joy was one of the main characters in the TV show “Army Wives” which aired on Lifetime network. It depicted the lives of the spouses of an active duty battalion of the U.S. Army. As on the November 1, 2011 episode, the character of Claudia Joy is no longer on the show. She was portrayed by Kim Delaney..

Does Pamela leave Army Wives?

Pamela has not left the show. She opted to take a break from filming during the current season, thanks to a clause in her contract. One of the producers confirmed a report in a recent interview saying,”Pamela is not gone, she’s just taking a sabbatical.” The producers added that they hope to bring her back at some point in the future..

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Do Trevor and Roxy get divorced?

No, they are not divorced yet. The series shows Roxy is pregnant with twins, so there are no plans of divorce anytime soon. However, Trevor is shown to be away with his job more often than not, with his frequent absences putting a strain on their relationship. The chemistry between these two is undeniable, despite his philandering ways. The show films the fifth season with them trying to work on their relationship with the problems..

What happens to Michael Holden on Army Wives?

Glenn Close’s character, Pamela, was killed off in the second season of Army Wives. She mentioned that she wanted to open a restaurant, but she thinks it’s too late. However, her husband gets her a restaurant business back on their hometown, so she can follow her dream. On the day of the grand opening, she gets shot by a sniper. She’s on the floor of her own restaurant, bleeding. But she doesn’t give up on life so easily. She goes home to be with the kids. But the cancer she’s been fighting comes back. She makes the kids give her all their time, despite their busy schedules. She wishes that she was at the store to buy the ingredients she needs for her favorite cake. She tells her husband that she can’t come back, but she’ll always be with them, in their hearts. She dies, holding her husband’s hand. Her kids honor her memory by raising money for cancer research..

Was there a spinoff of Army Wives?

There was a spinoff of Army Wives, but it never aired. After the fourth season of the series, it was believed that the series was going to end on a high note. However, it was later reported that Lifetime was considering a spinoff. The show would have followed the life of Sasha Alexander’s character Melanie Cruz. However, the spinoff never aired..

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Was Denise Sherwood really pregnant?

Denise Sherwood played by Claudia Wells was not pregnant in the movie, Back to the Future. She just had a pillow strapped to her and wore a fake belly..

Why did Pamela leave Army Wives season 6?

That’s a good question. Pamela had always wanted to venture into singing, so she wanted to take some time off to pursue her dream. However, she had no intention of leaving the series, and now she’s back as a regular cast member for season 7..

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