Why Does Limburger Cheese Smell So Bad?

Limburger cheese is a type of soft, washed-rind cheese which is named after the town in Belgium (Limbourg) which is known for its cheese production. The cheese is pungent, and smells like foot odor. This is because the bacterium which creates the odor is Brevibacterium linens which is present in human skin and in ***** and sweat and thus what we smell is the bacteria in the cheese. The bacteria in limburger cheese is responsible for the pungent smell and disturbing taste. The bacteria create a chemical called thiofuran which has an odor described as cheesy feet. If you were to slice up a piece of limburger cheese, you will discover that it is riddled with circular holes. These holes are the trademark of the cheese and are created by the same bacteria. The reason for these holes is that the mold used for this cheese is not allowed to fully develop before the cheese is covered. The bacteria in the mold does not get a chance to spread and create a solid rind and so the cheese acquires these holes. The bacteria, in effect plays a role in determining the look and feel of this cheese..

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Does Limburger cheese smell like?

Limburger cheese is a kind of soft yellow cheese that is made from cow’s milk, and it is very smelly. The smell of Limburger cheese is so strong because the chemical compounds that produce this smell are not removed during the cheesemaking process. So it has a strong odor of body odor. Limburger cheese is often used as a punchline or as a running gag in movies and television shows..

How does Limburger cheese taste?

Limburger is a semi-soft to semi-hard cheese, with large eyes or holes. It has a strong taste. The rind is washed daily during the ripening process. To serve, simply cut across the entire wheel, in thin slices. This cheese just doesn’t taste good, but smells good too. It is often an ingredient in the popular cheese spread Baked Camembert..

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What is the grossest smelling cheese?

Smelly cheese is generally made from the washing and draining of the cheese and curing it with fungus, generally mold. The fungus and bacteria used to make smelly cheeses are Brevibacterium linens and Geotrichum candidum. These molds generally impart a pungent smell to the cheese. Some of the smelly cheeses include Limburger cheese, Munster cheese and many many more..

Is Limburger cheese safe to eat?

Is Limburger Cheese safe to eat? The truth is, there are many myths surrounding Limburger cheese. One being that this type of cheese smells very bad, so it is only useful as a chewing gum. However, this is absolutely not true. Limburger cheese is safe to eat, cook with or place into your salads. There are only two major problems that are associated with Limburger that you must know. The first being that Limburger can be very dangerous to your health if you are allergic to milk. The second being, Limburger is known to cause indigestion to those who are not used eating it..

Does Limburger cheese need to be refrigerated?

Limburger cheese is not just a cheese that people enjoy, it’s also a cheese that people love to hate! Limburger cheese is a mild cheese that also has a musty aroma (although not as bad as the smell of Stilton cheese). Most people who love Limburger cheese will store it in their refrigerator, but if it’s stored under the right conditions, Limburger cheese doesn’t need to be kept in the refrigerator. However, Limburger cheese should be eaten within its shelf life (from the date of manufacture). There is no need to refrigerate Limburger cheese that is within its shelf life. You can store the Limburger cheese in the pantry. When storing Limburger cheese in the pantry, make sure that you store it away from other food products so that it does not absorb any odors. You can wrap the cheese in waxed paper, place it in an airtight container, and store it in the pantry..

Why is Limburger so expensive?

The smell of Limburger is so intense that it requires the use of almost 7 gallons of milk to make 2.2 lbs of cheese. It is however not expensive because of its smell, but because of its rarity. Limburger is made on a horse-drawn farm in Lanaken, Belgium. Every step of the cheese making process is done by hand. This is why making Limburger is very costly, and that is why it is not widely available..

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What kind of cheese is Limburger cheese?

Limburger or Limburger cheese is a semi-soft cheese made all over the world, but it is best known for its production in Germany. It is named after the city of Limburg in Germany, where it was first produced more than 350 years ago. So what kind of cheese is Limburger cheese? Well, it is a washed-rind, soft cheese. The cheese is famous for its strong odor, which is created by washing it with brine, beer, or spirits. This gives the cheese its distinctive taste and smell, but it also helps to prevent the cheese from rotting..

Can you still buy Limburger cheese?

Limburger is a strong smelling cheese that is a pale yellowish in color. It is a good table cheese and is similar to Emmenthaler. This cheese is a fermentation process that is a type of washed rind cheese. It is usually found in Southeast Belgium and northern France. Its smell is due to the presence of bacteria and its flavor is sharp and strong. This cheese is not for everyone because of its smell..

What cheese has maggots in it?

Cheese, for the most part, has a high level of calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate. This controls the growth of most microbes. If the cheese is not properly cleaned and drained, the maggots may come from the flies that land on the surface of the unwashed cheese. The flies then lay eggs. Yummy!.

How long is Limburger cheese aged?

Limburger cheese is a semi-hard, pungent smelling cheese from Belgium, France and the Netherlands. It is named after the Limburg area where it originated. One of the main characteristic about this cheese is its smell which has been likened to that of a dirty, smelly sock. The smell actually gets stronger as it ages. The smell, however, is not a result of the cheese going bad. The smell is a result of a bacterium which is responsible for the smell of cheese. This bacterium evolved in a swamp and hence, was first used to ferment apples. When the apples were placed in a cave for storage, the bacterium turned the apples into sour fruits. These apples were discovered by a farmer who noticed that Limburger cheese was not kept for a long time. Also the smell of Limburger cheese was not very pleasing. But its taste. Though not as strong as it used to be, is still quite pungent, and very good with a glass of beer. The smell of the cheese is a result of a bacterium called Brevibacterium linens. This bacterium is responsible for the smell of the cheese..

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What cheese smells like vomit?

Cheese doesn’t smell like vomit at all, as far as we know! There are some cheeses that smell quite strong, though. These include certain types of washed-rind cheese, particularly those made from goat’s milk. What makes these types of cheese smell so strong? It’s a combination of the bacteria and the cheese making process. The bacteria involved in these cheeses are generally lactobacilli, and they cause a breakdown of fatty acids that produce a lot of acid. This is the same by-product that gives yogurt its tang. In many cheese types, the rind is washed regularly to encourage the growth of bacteria, which is what also gives these cheeses their characteristic tastes and smells. In washed-rind cheeses, you can smell the result of the breakdown of these fatty acids. If you have a very sensitive sense of smell, they can smell a bit like vomit, but they most likely won’t smell like vomit to most people..

Where is Limburger cheese made USA?

The cheese known as Limburger was first made in the city of Limburg, Belgium. However, since World War II, most of the cheese is made in the United States. The cheese is made in Wisconsin, near Chicago..

What can you substitute for Limburger cheese?

Limburger cheese is a type of cheese that is very strong in smell and flavor. A Limburger cheese has a very pungent aroma and a sharp taste. Other cheeses have been developed in imitation of Limburger cheese. The most common cheeses when substituted for Limburger cheese are smoked Cheddar cheese, Blue cheese and a Swiss cheese..

Can you melt Limburger cheese?

When you melt Limburger cheese it smells so bad that it will ruin any food that it is cooked with. Limburger cheese is used mainly in sandwiches and is not good for cooking with. There are so many types of cheese available in the market, so it makes sense to use other types of cheese. When Limburger cheese is cooked it releases ammonia so it is not good for ingestion..

What is Limburger cheese spread?

According to the Food Lover’s Companion , Limburger cheese spread is an American product. It is supposed to be a spreadable cheese similar to cream cheese with a strong aroma. It also mentions that Limburger is made in America with either cow’s milk or a mixture of cow’s milk and goat’s milk. A lot of people are asking what kind of cheese is Limburger?.

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