Why Is Chocolate Day Celebrated?

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Why Is Chocolate Day Celebrated?

Chocolate is enjoyed by millions of people world over. What makes it so special that Chocolate Day is celebrated? Its history is definitely something that makes it stand apart from other sweet delights. Chocolate is believed to have originated in the Aztec civilization of Mexico. These people used to grind cocoa seeds into powder form. This powder was then mixed with water and vanilla to make a drink. What did this drink taste like? No one can tell because, unlike today, it did not have any sugar added to it. The Aztec people believed it to be a gift from their gods. They even made offerings to the gods using this drink. The drink was then made into a solid form. It was mixed with other ingredients to get the flavor right. These ingredients were often chili, salt, vanilla, cornmeal, etc. The person who came up with the right chocolate formula is considered to be the founder of the chocolate industry. The name of this person is thought to be Picolekekoyotl. He lived between 1480 to 1520. The Aztec people were the first to eat chocolate in solid form. The drink was later introduced to Europe by the Mayans..

Why is Chocolate Day celebrated on 7th July?

Chocolate was first brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus. It was considered a drink by the natives of South America. When the Spanish saw the natives eating the drink, they called it “Chocolate” which means bitter drink. The Spanish gave it to the pope; he thought it was a drink that would make him feel better. People all over the world celebrate Chocolate Day on the seventh of July. It is usually celebrated by eating chocolate, celebrating to make chocolate, eating chocolate, writing stories about chocolate, eating chocolate, writing poems about chocolate, eating chocolate, playing games about chocolate, eating chocolate, watching tv about chocolate, eating chocolate, making chocolate, eating chocolate, and well…you get the picture..

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Who invented chocolate day?

However, there exists much uncertainty regarding the actual history of the holiday. Many people believe that it was created in honor of the ancient Mexican festival of “Cocoa Drink Day.” The ancient festival, which was celebrated in the town of Puebla, marked the beginning of the Mayan New Year (which occurred in late February, thus the name “New Year’s”). The chocolate-drinking custom follows the course of the festival. The delicious drink was traditionally prepared by different chefs, who would stir hot chocolate with spoons until it was thick enough to no longer bubble. The drink was then served to the villagers, who would then offer gifts to the festival goddess (or “Ichcatl-Popo”, meaning “Lady of the Spring”). Other historians believe that the holiday’s origins are in the New World. It is believed that Christopher Columbus introduced chocolate to Europe when he returned from America in 1502. This story is bolstered by the fact that the town of Puebla was once a powerful Aztec stronghold. It is known that the Aztecs drank chocolate on a daily basis. Other historians believe that the Aztecs introduced the Mayan people to the drink later on..

How do I wish my girlfriend a chocolate day?

If you are thinking of ways to wish your girlfriend a chocolate day then think no more. A way to wish your girlfriend a chocolate day is to surprise her with some chocolate cupcakes. If you have never baked cupcakes before, then you have to start somewhere. Take out your baking ingredients, tools, and mixing bowls so you are ready to start baking. Gather the ingredients you will need for the recipe. You will need butter, flour, sugar, eggs, vanilla extract, and milk. When you put all of the ingredients in the bowl and start mixing, you will soon realize it is not so hard. The batter should be thick and creamy. After it is mixed well, you can add the chocolate chips and your girlfriend’s favorite toppings. The mixture will be so thick and creamy that you will know it is done. The next step is to bake the cupcakes. Bake them at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes. After they are done, cool them and frost them. The next step is to surprise your girlfriend with the cupcakes. If you have not made cupcakes before, then you should go for it. This way you can make something extra special for your girlfriend and she will be sure to love it..

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What day in December is National Chocolate Day?

Since the question which Quora user asked is “What day in December is National Chocolate Day?”, we analyzed the data before publishing this answer. From the data we found out that the most used words in this question are “December”, “National” and “Day”. We also found that the word “National” is used in the question more than any other word, which is why we use it in our answer. The word “Day” is used second most in the question, so we added it in our answer, but didn’t make it bold. After finding the right words, we divided this question into fragments and build the question one-by-one. This is how we wrote the answer..

What is meant by Chocolate Day?

Chocolate Day is a celebration of Valentine’s Day. The sweet smell of chocolate is a universal symbol of romance. People have been using chocolate to express their love for each other for a long time. In ancient Egypt, a gift of a box of chocolates was a symbol of eternal love. In the Middle Ages, a gift of chocolate from a man to a woman was a symbol of his interest in marrying her. In the 17 th century, the custom of giving chocolates to express love was quite popular in Ireland. In the 19 th century, chocolate companies started sending boxes of chocolate on Valentine’s Day to their customers. In the 20 th century, chocolates became more of a commercial entity. But the tradition of chocolate for Valentine’s Day is still continuing..

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