Can An American Join The British Army?

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Can an American join a foreign military?

Yes, an American can join a foreign military. They can apply to join the military of any foreign country, so long as the country is not hostile to the United States. They can apply to join the military of any foreign country, so long as the country is not hostile to the United States..

Can I join the UK army without being a citizen?

If I’m not mistaken, it is your nationality, not your citizenship that matters in this case. Since you’re an EU citizen, you can join the British Army, United Kingdom. There is, however, a condition that you must be at least 18 years old and you should be qualified to serve — ie — you should be physically and mentally fit to do what you’ll be required to do..

How can I join the British army?

You must be a British citizen or hold dual British nationality (like me) and you must be fit and healthy. Also, you should be at least 16 years old. There are two main ways to join the army: Join as an officer or join as an enlisted man or woman. The latter is the easier way. The former is more complicated. You would need to enrol at a recruitment office and pass an aptitude test. If you pass, you will be accepted as an officer candidate. There are other avenues to join the army, but they are either more complicated or take too long. You can find more information about these processes on the internet..

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Which army can a foreigner join?

As a foreign national, you are not permitted to serve in the military of the country you are currently residing in. However, you are free to enlist in the armies of other countries. For example, if you are a citizen of the United States, you are permitted to enlist in the army of India, but not in the US army . Generally speaking, if you are permitted to permanently reside in a country, you are permitted to join the army of that country..

Can a U.S. citizen join the SAS?

No, the SAS is a British Army unit and is therefore open only to British citizens. The SAS does accept applications from foreign nationals but these candidates will only be considered if: They have a British passport, and They can speak and write English fluently and without any detectable regional accent, and They have no criminal record, and They do not have any communicable diseases, and They have a university degree, and They have completed one year military service, and They have an above average IQ, and They have no history of drug or alcohol abuse, and They have no relatives in the British Army, and They have no history of mental illness, and They have no history of illness requiring regular medication, and They have not been in the British Army previously..

Is 30 too old to join the Army UK?

Yes, 30 is too old to join the army now. If you are looking for a job which is challenging, then the army will surely give that to you. However, if you are by any chance thinking of joining the regular forces, then you should definitely give it a shot. UK army does have people who are up to age of 32, but they are all part of reserves..

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How much does a British soldier make?

For a soldier to reach the rank of second lieutenant, he must serve 3-4 years as a lieutenant. According to the UK armed forces pay scale, a lieutenant with a unit in the army, navy or air force is paid a salary of £20,694 per year. A second lieutenant is a junior officer rank in the British army, above a second lieutenant and below a lieutenant. The rank is also used by the Royal Marines where it is called a second lieutenant in the Royal Marines..

What is the age limit for the British Army?

Any person wishing to join the British Army should be between 16 and 34 years of age and of a suitable medical and dental fitness standard. It is also essential to be a British citizen and have the right to live permanently in the United Kingdom. British Army Recruitment is open to men and women who want to play a full and active part in the Regular Army. You can join any of the 3 Services (Army, Royal Air Force or Royal Navy) and work in a variety of different roles, such as cooks, guards and drivers..

How hard is it to get into British army?

Applicants must be a British national of at least 18 years of age with a minimum of five GCSE passes at grade C or above, including English and Maths. In addition all applicants must undergo a medical examination, a dental examination and a security check by the Security Service..

How can a foreigner join the British army?

People from all over the world can apply but, like other armies, it’s not easy. As a foreigner you’ll need to be able to speak English and have the right skills to join the British army . Most people who join the British army come from England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. You can join the army if you’re:.

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Is joining the Army worth it UK?

It is the dream of most young men to join the army; it is a chance to prove themselves and to make a difference and be part of something greater than themselves. And most of all, the army is a place to learn and serve, and bring them closer to ***. But is it really worth it? There are basically two different reactions when we think of the army: some say that the army is great and is a great way to serve your nation, and then there are others that say that it is expensive and the army only wants the money and there is no point in joining. What is the truth? Well, it really is up to you and what you think is worth it. If you want to be part of a group and see life changing experiences and learn and serve and be part of something greater than what is already in your life, then it is most definitely worth it. There is nothing more rewarding than serving your country and doing your part for something greater..

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