Does Coke Make An Energy Drink?

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Coca-Cola makes a caffeinated energy drink that is targeted more at “active” people.

It is co-branded with Monster and has 360mg of caffeine, which Coke claims is comparable to a 16oz of coffee. This brand also comes in Mountain Dew brand flavor, so you can get both your sugar and caffeine fix in one! If you care about the environment or have a sensitive stomach, Coco-Cola Fairlife might be for you because it does not contain any artificial ingredients. Fairlife has 50% more protein than milk from cows that eat natural feeds without growth hormones or antibiotics, 100% real fruit juice from Solaray’s Fairhoneys’ organic oranges and apples, and no high-fructose corn syrup.

Does Coke Make An Energy Drink? – Related Questions

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