How Long Is Ait Army?

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AIT stands for Advanced Individual Training. In the Army, AIT is the portion of the training cycle that takes place after basic training and before a soldier is sent to his or her permanent unit. This is the time when a trained soldier is given more responsibilities and taught how to be a more effective example of a soldier in a more specific job field. AIT lasts a total of ten weeks, but the amount of time a soldier spends in a specific AIT school depends on his or her job. Some soldiers spend three or four weeks on one portion of AIT training, while others might spend three or four weeks on a different portion..

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How long is AIT training in the Army?

Army Infantry Training (AIT) is the military training required of all soldiers who are successful in enlisting in the United States Army as an infantryman. It can last anywhere from 3-6 months, and consists of the three phases: Basic Combat Training (BCT), Advanced Individual Training (AIT), and One Station Unit Training (OSUT). The length of your AIT depends on the particular MOS you will be trained for. For example, trainees in the 11B infantryman MOS go to Fort Benning, Georgia for their AIT, while Fort Sill, Oklahoma is the place for other infantry MOS..

What is the shortest AIT in the army?

Due to the high demand of soldiers, the Indian Army is extremely flexible in its approach towards recruits. Every year, thousands of army men are put through the most rigorous training, which is designed to make them physically and mentally strong. The shortest AIT in the army is only six weeks, with most training taking place at the recruitment centers..

How long is the average AIT?

The average length of AIT is 12 weeks. However, each language program is different. The length of training for non-language programs varies based on the program, the learner’s background, individual progress, and other factors..

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Can you have your phone at AIT?

You can not have your phone on your person; however, you can have it in your room. The rooms have a 4 outlet power strip so you can have a cell phone charger plugged in as well as a lamp..

Do you get paid in AIT?

Yes, we get paid via ranks and we get paid for our activities on the platform. In the future, prospective users will be able to pay to use the platform. Funding will be handled by a currency called Quorums which will only be purchasable from those who have been rewarded for good answers or high activity..

Can you fail Army AIT?

You can fail Army AIT and if you do it will be due to a training incident and not a physical fitness test issue. AIT is an intense training program and is designed to push soldiers to their limits. The failure rate for trainees is usually under 10%. However, the numbers can be misleading. A trainee can fail AIT if they do not meet the standards of the training instructors and fail to follow orders. However, the Army is not just going to pass a soldier that is failing. If a trainee is failing AIT for a legitimate reason, then that soldier will be given a chance to pass a PT test and a conditioning test. If the trainee is still not able to meet all of the standards, then they will be discharged from AIT..

What MOS has the longest AIT?

As of January 2013, these are the longest AITs: COCOM – 35 weeks, A COCOM soldier can serve up to 35 weeks of AIT. MOS’s include: Military Intelligence, Military Police FC – 36 weeks, A FC soldier can serve up to 36 weeks of AIT. MOS’s include: Field Artillery, Adjutant General MA – 36 weeks, A MA soldier can serve up to 36 weeks of AIT MOS’s include: Air Defense Artillery, Military Air Traffic Control AS – 36 weeks, A AS soldier can serve up to 36 weeks of AIT MOS’s include: Armored, Aviation Maintenance IDP – 37 weeks, An IDP soldier can serve up to 37 weeks of AIT MOS’s include: Intelligence MAB – 38 weeks, A MAB soldier can serve up to 38 weeks of AIT. MOS’s include: Field Artillery MP – 38 weeks, A MP soldier can serve up to 38 weeks of AIT. MOS’s include: Military Police, Criminal Investigation Command Aviation Maintenance – 42 weeks, An Aviation Maintenance soldier can serve up to 42 weeks of AIT. MOS’s include: Aviation Maintenance, Aviation Operations Credit to Reddit user Striker36 for the info..

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Can you skip AIT?

No. At least not in the US Army. In the United States Army, Airborne School takes place at Fort Benning, GA. Most soldiers get sent to Airborne School along with their basic training, but some get sent later on. In order to get to Airborne School, you have to pass a PT test. This test is a three-part test that will measure your three-mile run, push-ups, and sit-ups. Most soldiers get a few weeks of training before taking the test, and will have a day of rest after the test, but a few soldiers will have a PT test on the same day as they arrive. The minimum amount of sit-ups is 100, three-mile run is 13:30, and the minimum amount of push-ups is 60. If you do not pass these tests, you cannot go to Airborne School..

Is Ait like basic training?

Unlike basic training, you don’t get to shoot stuff. But you will get to do other things like marching, drilling, physical training, classroom work, inspections, and other activities that will help you become stronger, smarter, and more disciplined..

What’s the hardest Army basic training?

On the surface it looks like an easy question. However, there are so many factors to consider. I will give you a few factors that need consideration when answering the hardest Army basic training. If you are in one of the following units, factor in their reputation. The units are: Rangers, SEALs, Force Recon, Delta, SFODA, Green Berets, EOD, Force Recon, Airborne, Special Forces, Delta, SEALS, EOD, MARSOC, Nasty Naval Special Warfare, Airborne, Spectre Training Unit. This will be important when answering the question who has the hardest basic training. Another factor when answering the question is the time in which you are in the service. For example, if your service is 2005- 2010 the training will be different than if you are in 1965- 1970. Training will be different because of the types of war we are in. Your training will be different if you are in the desert or in the forest or in the mountains or in the mountains or in the plains. There are also things to factor in like your unit, unit reputation, time in service, time in service in this type of war, location of the service, the type of training that is given. This is why this question can get complicated fast..

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Is AIT considered active duty?

Active Duty (AIT) is an 8-week training program for new recruits. You will learn to function as an individual (stand watch, report for duty, wear uniform, make your bed, shine your boots). You will learn to function as part of a team (follow orders, work together, complete tasks, hold yourself accountable for getting your job done). You will undergo physical training (learn techniques and skills in the use of arms and in self-defense and physical fitness) and military indoctrination (history, customs and courtesies; drill; and military law and legal aspects). AIT will give you the foundation you need to succeed in the Army. You will learn about Army history, customs and courtesies; drill and ceremonies; and military law and legal aspects. AIT will also give you the opportunity to start your career development and force shaping; to learn how to succeed in the Army; and to make the kind of Soldier you want to be..

How much does an O2 make in the army?

A Second Lieutenant in the United States Army is typically the lowest ranking officer, also called the “officer of the day.” This officer’s job is to ensure that the soldiers of his unit comply with the rules and regulations of the unit and that his or her superiors are informed of any issues that may arise. The salary for this position depends on the rank of the officer, with the pay scale beginning at $3,321 per month for a Second Lieutenant with no dependents..

Can you drink at AIT?

No. No alcohol is allowed in the campus. Drinking or drunkenness, during the course of academic programme, is a violation of the Code of Conduct. In addition, individual may be disciplined for violating the code. In case of violation, the department may take action against the individual..

Can you wear civilian clothes at AIT?

For sure! You will have to wear your glasses, belt, shirt, scarf, shoes, socks, pants, sweaters, coats, earrings, dog tags, watch, rings, etc. No sunglasses are allowed during the training, so you have to have them on the way. I have seen students wearing t-shirts, cardigans, t-shirts with logo(s), shoes, jeans and many more..

Do you get to go home after AIT?

Yes you can go home after AIT. In fact, you will be able to get more time at home than you did before AIT. This is because you will have been promoted to a higher pay grade, so you will earn more. But you will also be working more and your living and travel conditions will be better. Your commute is most likely to be shorter and more comfortable. Career progression will be faster and more rewarding. You will be required to travel more, and for longer periods of time. There will be a range of courses and qualifications you will need to attend which you will need your family to help you with..

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