How Long Is Army Recruiter School?

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Army recruiter school is about three to four weeks long. The Army’s Recruiting School is located at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. The Army requires its soldiers to have a GED or high school diploma. There is a supervised study program for those who do not have a GED. In the Army, only those with a high school diploma or a GED have a chance for a promotion..

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Do Army recruiters get extra pay?

The answer to the question Do Army recruiters get extra pay? is a big NO. In fact, they will lose a huge amount of compensation, if they get a commission. This is due to the fact that the recruiter will have to pay for his own room and board, and can’t get a pass to leave camp to go home. Basic pay for a recruiters starts at $1,612 a month, according to the U.S. Army Recruiting Command’s website..

Is being an Army recruiter hard?

Being an Army recruiter can be a very tough job. You’ll get paid to live by the seat of your pants, to get up and go at a moment’s notice. Recruiting is a fast paced job. Yes, there are some downsides. For example, you’ll get very little chance to see your family. Another downside is that you’ll have to live by a very strict code of ethics, and if you break any of the rules, you could be discharged. So, you really have to make sure you’re cut out for it, and if you are, this might be the right job for you..

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Where is the Army recruiting school?

There is no single recruiting school for the Army. They have recruiting centers in major cities and towns around the country. You can find the nearest recruiting station from the Army’s website..

What do Army recruiters lie about?

Army recruiters lie about many things. First of all, they lie about how much money you will earn. The truth is that the base pay for enlisted personnel in the Army is relatively low. They exaggerate the amount of special duty pay you can earn, but the fact is that for most people in the Army it is not enough to live on. They also lie about the benefits. They say that you can get free money for college, but the truth is that it is only possible if you are willing to reenlist for another 4 years, and that only applies to certain programs. Army recruiters often tell people that the Army is a terrific place to get training for a civilian career, but the truth is that the Army has no role in deciding whether or not you can get training to use after you leave the Army. And they certainly don’t tell you about the fact that the Army is one of the few employers in the country who will not pay for your college education..

How long is recruiter duty?

Recruiter duty is a military term used to describe the period of time that a member of the Armed Forces is assigned to recruiting duty. It is generally the first duty station that a new recruit serves, and it marks the end of the recruit’s training period. There are several length options for this duty, and the length of the recruiter duty tour is based on the needs of each branch of service. Most branches will require new recruits to serve either six or eight weeks on this tour of duty..

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Do Army recruiters work long hours?

Army recruiters are employed by the United States Army and are assigned to recruiting stations across the country. The work schedule varies according to the time of year. During the summer, for example, recruiters work long hours to enlist people for the fall classes. Many recruiters work 11-hour days, six days a week. Working long hours becomes less of a problem once recruiters are assigned to permanent stations..

How do Army recruiters get paid?

Military recruiters are paid on commission. The most common commission structure is a tiered commission structure. This means that recruiters are paid a lower rate on the recruits that are easier to obtain. By contrast, the recruiters are paid a higher rate on the harder to obtain participants..

What rank is an Army recruiter?

An Army recruiter is a member of the United States Army who is responsible for acquiring new personnel for the service. Recruiters sell the Army as a career option and assist applicants through the enlistment process. They are a critical component of the Army’s recruiting team..

Do recruiters deploy?

No recruiters don’t deploy, recruiters recruit or they source candidates. A recruiter is a person whose job is to recruit people with desired skill-sets and personalities to a company. Their job is to source candidates from a variety of places, i.e. Internet, job postings, resumes from the pile of CVs, from other recruiters, from individual contacts of theirs etc. They then screen, qualify and tele-screen candidates to find the best possible candidate. In the past they were the people who would find a candidate a job..

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Where do military recruiters live?

Military recruiters live all over the country. They are paid government employees whose job is to find people to join the military. It is normal for them to travel around the country. They go to high schools, colleges, and other public places to find young people who are interested in joining the military. They live all over the country..

How many military recruiters are there?

There are more than 6,200 military recruiters in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Army National Guard, Army Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, Coast Guard Reserve, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Army ROTC, Air Force ROTC, and Navy ROTC..

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