How Much Does The Ceo Of Salvation Army Make?

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While the following numbers are estimates, they are quite close to what the highest-paid CEOs in the world earn in a year. The Salvation Army’s General is the highest-paid employee of the organization, earning an estimated $114,000 in 2010. The total compensation for the man, who was in charge of the organization that year, consisted of a salary of $114,000, additional compensation of $87,000, and other compensation of $2,000..

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What is the salary of the head of the Salvation Army?

A major general’s annual salary is $7,000, not including the $7,000 housing allowance. If he is married, he receives $1,500 more, but that depends on his location. He will be paid $8,500 if he is living in New York City, but only $6,000 if he is living in Des Moines, Iowa..

Who is the highest paid in the Salvation Army?

According to the 2019 Salvation Army Advisory Board Report , the highest paid employee is the chief operating officer, Todd Bassett. Through the year, Bassett earned $189,000 in pay, and another $145,000 in benefits. He has served as the COO since 2009..

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How much is the Salvation Army worth?

Based on the latest figures available, the Salvation Army is worth about $20.4 billion dollars. This figure includes all of their property, cash, vehicles, investments, and any other items of value..

What does goodwill CEO make a year?

Goodwill CEO makes a year? He makes 2 million dollars a year, minus the benefits. The goodwill CEO is paid the basic salary of the CEO, which is around 1 million dollars, but he gets an additional stock benefit, which gives him the additional million dollars..

Do Salvation Army members get paid?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. The Salvation Army is a Christian church so members of the church who donate their time and energy to the church often volunteer without pay. However, paid staff members do exist and they work for the church and not the government..

Who is the current leader of The Salvation Army?

The current leader of the Salvation Army is General Linda Bond. General Linda Bond came to the Salvation Army when General Paul Rader, who was the previous leader, retired in the spring of 2014. She was elected to serve as the next General of the Salvation Army in June 2014. General Linda Bond was born in England in 1944. She has served in leadership positions within the organization in England, Wales, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Venezuela, and Canada. She has served in multiple Salvation Army positions including in the administration office in the United Kingdom. She has served in administrative roles in South America. She was the territorial commander in Venezuela. She has also served as territorial commander in Canada. She is the only person who has served in the administration office in the United Kingdom AND in Canada. She is the seventh woman to lead the organization in its 150-year history..

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Are Salvation Army officers employees?

The Salvation Army is a non-denominational Christian Church that has been actively engaged in social ministry since 1878. It does not hire employees, instead, individual churches (called _’corps’)_ control their own budget and hiring. Also, individuals joining these corps are hired as workers, not as employees. The only exception is the officers that are hired to work at the Salvation Army headquarters..

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