What Do I Need To Join The Army?

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You will need to be able to pass a physical, have a high school diploma or GED, be a US citizen, have no drug or alcohol related convictions, and pass a background check. Some jobs in the Army may require a security clearance..

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What is required to join the army?

In order to join the army, you need to be a citizen of the country that you want to join. You also have to be a certain age. Depending on the branch you want to join, you may have to have a high school diploma, a GED, a certain amount of college credit, a certain amount of college GPA, a certain score on a test, a certain amount of work experience, a certain amount of military experience, a certain background check, a certain physical fitness level, or a combination of some or all. You also have to be able to pass a physical exam, drug test, and a mental exam. Just to join the army, you have to do a lot of things, but once you’re in, you’ll have to do even more things..

Do you need any requirements to join the army?

The Army has a series of qualifications and prerequisites, which will provide you with the basic knowledge and skills to become a United States Army Soldier. To become a Soldier, you must:.

What qualifications do you need to be in the Army UK?

You don’t need any qualifications to join the Army, but you will have to pass a series of tests. They are called Army Entry Tests and they’re designed to show how fit and healthy you are, your strength, endurance and agility, your mental skills, your potential for leadership, your ability to work with others and your general attitude to life. You do not need to take the tests. You can join the Army without taking them, but if you do not pass them, you will not be able to join the Army..

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Is it hard to get into the army?

It is not difficult to join the military. First you have to fill out a form and then you will be put into a line. When you reach the front of the line, then you will be taken to the interview. There you will be given a series of questions to answer. If you do well on your interview, you will be called back to the front of the line again. This time, you will be given a background check and medical questionnaire. If you pass this, you will be called back to the front of the line. After you reach the front of the line again, you will be asked for a writing sample and an essay about your life experiences. If you pass this, then you will be given a physical. If everything is okay, then you will be called into another room to let you know that you are in the army..

How much does military pay a year?

You’ll get paid about $1,919 per month for an E-1 in the Army, and you’ll also receive a cost-of-living-allowance (COLA) depending on where you’re stationed. The basic pay chart for the Army in 2018 is:.

How long is Army basic training?

__ weeks is the length of basic training for most Army recruits. There are some exceptions, such as soldiers applying to Special Forces who complete a longer training cycle. The exact length of basic training will depend on the type of job a soldier is assigned..

Can u join the army at 17?

__% of people join the armed force at the age of 17. You must be 18 to join. You can join the army at 17 if you are not still in school. If you are not 18, you cannot join the army, you can join at 18..

Do you need to pass high school to join the military?

There are three ways to enter the military. Directly out of high school, with a GED or High School Equivalency Diploma, or after earning a college degree. Each path has its own challenges and benefits..

How long does it take to join the army?

There is a standard application procedure for joining the U.S. Army. First, the applicant must meet the qualification criteria. This is not a difficult step as there is a good chance that an applicant will be accepted if he/she is a U.S. citizen and a resident of the country. The applicant needs to be a minimum of 17 years of age, a high school graduate and a resident of the U.S. Individuals with a GED certificate are also eligible. The applicant must also be able to pass a physical examination, a full medical exam and a drug test as well as a background investigation. The applicant must also undergo a complete psychological examination. In many circumstances, a mature applicant can request a waiver from these requirements if he/she has substantial military experience, college courses or other substantial background..

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How much do soldiers get paid UK?

In theory, the salary of a soldier is defined as an annual basic pay and an annual consolidated allowance. The consolidated allowance is calculated as a percentage of the basic pay and acts as a cushion for the soldiers. In reality, however, a soldier’s annual earnings are way below these figures. In case of a soldier in the rank of a private, a monthly pay will be from £5,460 to £5,680, depending upon the location of his/her service..

How many GCSEs do you need for the army?

If you have a GCSE in a relevant subject, a GCSE in Maths and English, and a decent attendance record you might have a good chance of getting a place, but really it is all down to what you do with your life between the age of 16 and 18. If you want to join the army it is a good idea to choose a career path early on and speak with someone from that profession about the opportunities they have. If you want to join the army at 16 or 17 then you have to think about what you will do with your life if you do not get a place. To join the army you need to be a British citizen and live in the UK..

Is joining the Army worth it UK?

__% of British Army recruits in the last five years were aged 20 to 24. The average age is 20.3, with men (20.5) slightly older than women (20.0). Men make up 76% of the total with women making up 24%. It’s likely that older recruits are making up larger percentages in the army which makes sense due to the age range when recruits are enter the armed forces. For instance, in the USA (the most popular destination for British Army recruits) the average age of army recruits is 22 years old with an age range of 18-36 years old, is the average age for army recruits is around 21 years old..

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Can you quit the military?

Not everyone can quit the military, but if you have a medical condition, or have been stationed overseas for a long time, or have been removed from your unit, there are options. __% of men and women leave the military each year. Don’t worry if you get discharged. There are a variety of ways to get help, and there are many jobs for military personnel in the private sector. Just remember, your separation pay is your severance, not your retirement. __% of all vets collect a government check each month, and __% of them collect social security. You can expect to get these benefits in addition to a pension and other programs at the state and federal level..

Is joining the Army worth it?

It depends entirely on the person. Some people join the Army for college money. Some join for the experience. Some join just to get away from home. But the bottom line is that the Army is worth it for people who want to be there, who are looking to better themselves, and who are looking to serve their country. As hard as it is, the Army is a lot of fun. It’s a completely different world, but once you get used to it, it’s pretty much an excuse to party every day..

What can disqualify you from joining the army?

There are many reasons that can disqualify you from the army. Firstly, if you are under 18, you are too young to enlist, for you are not of appropriate age, physically fit, or mentally ready. Secondly, if you have a criminal record, you are also not suitable to join the army since you have not shown respect for your country. You can also be rejected if you have had more than three DUI offences, have had more than three drug charges, have had more than three violent crimes on your record, have had more than three charges of fraud on your record. You are also not fit to join the army if you have had more than six moving violations, more than one charge of simple assault, more than one charge of domestic violence, more than one charge of hit and run, more than one charge of illegal weapon possession, more than one charge of illegal narcotics possession, more than one charge of illegal drugs possession with intent to sell. If you damaged military equipment, vandalised buildings, or willfully destroyed property, you are also not fit to join the army..

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