What Is Army Basic Training Like?

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The U.S. Army divides its Basic Combat Training (BCT) program into two phases: Phase 1 is the first 4 1/2 weeks, during which recruits are instructed in basic Soldiering skills. Phase II extends an additional 10 to 14 days and concentrates on individual combat skills..

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What can I expect at Army basic training?

Basic training is a rigorous 12-week training program which is the first step of the Army’s “train hard, fight easy” doctrine. You can expect to learn drill and ceremony, how to shoot, how to operate various weapons and vehicles, and how to live and work as part of a team. There is a lot of physical training and discipline training. The most important thing you will take away from basic training is the lifelong bonds of loyalty and trust you will develop with your fellow trainees and leaders. You will also learn how to perform under pressure and learn to work and live as part of a team with people from all types of backgrounds and with all different levels of education and experience, some of whom will become your closest friends..

How hard is Army basic training?

Army Basic Training is extremely tough. It takes between three and six months depending on what MOS (Military Occupation Specialty) you are training for. The minimum amount of time required is three months. Your training will be harder depending on where you are stationed, the demands of your job, and your personal attitude. If you are one of the few who completes the Army training you will be ready physically and mentally for almost any challenge. The Army can train almost any person to be a capable soldier..

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What is a typical day at Army basic training?

To Encourage people to enlist in the military, you have to know what basic training is like. Here is a typical day in the army: Wake up at 0630hrs, roll call at 0700hrs, morning formation at 0730hrs, breakfast of oatmeal, fruit, and tea/coffee, physical training from 0830-0930hrs, then a class on a given subject, lunch of a sandwich and fruit, a class, another class, dinner on base, and free time from 2000-2100hrs. In the evening, you have another class from 2000-2100hrs, go to bed at 2300hrs-0000hrs, wake up again at 0600hrs, and repeat the day! The schedule changes a bit once you reach AIT (Advanced Individual Training), where you learn a specific skill. Basic training is a rigorous, but rewarding experience..

What is the hardest part of Army basic training?

The hardest part of Army basic training comes at the end of the first phase. Following the end of the first phase, soldiers must complete the Army Physical Fitness Test. The APFT consists of two parts. The first is three push-ups. The minimum number of push-ups a soldier must complete is 13 out of the possible 36. The second part of the APFT is two minutes of sit-ups. The minimum requirement for this test is 70 out of the possible 100. The minimum APFT score required by the Army to graduate basic training is 270 points..

Can you fail boot camp?

Yes, you can actually fail boot camp. You can fail a few weeks or a few months into it. You can fail a few days into it. Nobody is going to tell you that you have failed boot camp until you have been there for a while. If you have been kicked out of the military for disciplinary issues, then you have failed. If you have been kicked out for cause or lack of motivation, you have also failed. The military will help you get over the initial hump. If you have been there a while and not improved, they will replace you. This is called attrition. The military can’t afford to have soldiers who don’t want to be there. The military has a very high standard for its soldiers. This is a good thing in my opinion..

How do I prepare for Army basic training?

The US Army has an intensive training programme which is designed to ensure that soldiers are ready for battle. It is important to ensure that you are up to the physical and mental challenges of basic training before you begin. Basic training, also known as boot camp, can be tough, so it is essential that you are fit and healthy before you begin. Don’t try to do excessive amounts of exercise or go on crash diets. Rather, work to increase your stamina over a period of time. You should be prepared to work hard during basic training, but you can keep your fitness levels up at the same time..

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What happens if you cry at boot camp?

Answer by TheBestNoob : When I was in the Army, I went through boot camp. It was really rough, but it was rough for everyone. I think the first week was the worst, because you aren’t used to the routine yet. Everyone cries at boot camp. It’s just part of it. You just have to suck it up, and not cry anymore. The Army is an amazing experience, and I would do it again in a heartbeat, but it’s tough. One of my drill sergeants told me “this isn’t about you anymore. It’s about the Army. You are here to make the Army the best you can make it.”.

What happens if you fail Army basic training?

If you fail Army basic training, you are officially known as a “recycled soldier.” Recycled soldiers are given the opportunity to try Army basic training again. Losing your temper, fighting, or being disruptive are the major reasons why you could fail Army basic training..

How many hours a day is basic training?

Before graduation basic training is around 40-50 hours a week. During the last 3 months of basic training, this increases to around 65-70 hours a week. You will spend a lot of time learning how to be a soldier. During the first few weeks you will be training on your physical fitness, learning to follow instructions and respond to commands, and some basic parade drills..

How many hours of sleep do you get at basic training?

The normal amount of sleep at basic training is 5-8 hours. The amount of sleep may vary due to the drill schedule that is followed..

What is the first week of Army basic training like?

The first week of Army basic training is very tough. It is designed to be just that, tough. The first week of Army basic training is the most important of the ten weeks of training you will go through. It will set the pace of what is to come… If you make it through the first week, the rest of your training will be easier. If you can make it through the first week of Army basic training, you can make it through anything!.

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What time do you wake up during basic training?

I wake up at 0500 every day. Typically, this is around 5 AM. I hit the bathroom, brush my teeth, and get dressed for PT. I leave my barracks at 0600 to walk to the company area for morning formation. At 0600, our company has morning formation. During during formation, the platoon sergeant will give a morning brief. This is basically a rundown of the days events, what to expect, and any updates..

How many shots do you get in Army basic training?

Army drill sergeants shoot blanks at you. The only thing that hurts is the psychological pain. Army drill sergeants are supposed to make you feel like ****. Basic training is something that is physically and mentally challenging. That’s the point of it. It’s not supposed to be fun. It’s not supposed to be your “calling.” Don’t ever think, “Oh this is what I’m meant to do!” If you’re doing it just to get out of high school or just because it’s something different, that’s not a good reason to go into the Army. A lot of people that go into the Army get out of it thinking, “What the **** was I thinking?” because they get out of it thinking, “I get paid $200 every two weeks to get shot at?” That’s not why you go into the Army. You go into the Army because you want to serve your country. You want to do more than just what you do in high school. You want to contribute in some way. You want to do something that no one in your family has ever done before. You’re in the Army to serve, not to get rich..

Is joining the Army worth it?

As a civilian, one is likely to earn a better living on the private sector rather than joining the army. However, the life in the army is very disciplined and there is almost no scope of going into debts. Also, joining the military might lead to a regular income and a regular work schedule which is not there in the civilian world. In the military, there is also a chance to travel to foreign countries, which is not possible as a civilian. The chance to travel to foreign countries is more likely to those who are skilled and work in the military. There is a possibility to get a training and then work for the army as a civilian. The opportunities to grow and learn in the military is typically better than in the civilian world. The cons of joining the army is that there is very low chance of promotion and the wages are very low..

Do you go home after basic training?

It depends on where your basic training base is. Some bases like Fort Benning and Fort Lee allow Soldiers to go home during weekends and holidays and after basic training. I’m not sure about your location, but I’m assuming you’re in the US. After basic training, you will be able to go home for two weeks after completion of the program. However, you will be required to return to your unit as soon as possible..

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