Why Are Bts Fans Called Army?

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Well first of all the reason is because the members of BTS are called Bangtan (Bulletproof/army). So their fans are called Army meaning their fans are soldiers for BTS..

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Why do they call BTS ARMY?

The name ARMY was given by BTS to their fans, and it’s supposed to represent the fan club’s battle readiness and the fact that the BTS members and fans are always together. “BTS has always been calling their fans ARMY and themselves the ‘the BTS army’ (in Korean, ‘army’ and ‘bts’ sound the same). The name apparently has a few different meanings. The first is that the members and their fans together are an ‘army’ that can do anything. The other is that they’re an ‘army’ that will always protect each other. Another meaning is that the word ‘army’ is a play on ARMYs’ loyalty and devotion to the group and their efforts to support BTS.” — Koreaboo.

Why do kpop fans call themselves ARMY?

It all started with BTS. The fans were already organized on sites like Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit, but they didn’t have any sort of identity. The fandom subsequently adopted the name “ARMY”, an acronym for “Adorable Representative M.C for Youth”, which is the group’s original title. The name was chosen to reflect the group’s social media-savvy followers, many of whom joined the fandom after the creation of the Twitter account for “BTS_official”. Although the fandom started out with the name “ARMY”, the fandom was soon known as “BTS-ARMY” to differentiate from other fandoms with similar names. The fandom then began to drop the “ARMY” part of the name, instead referring to themselves as “BTS”, which is now the most common name for the fandom. Fans are occasionally called “BTS-ers”, although this term is most frequently used by broadcasters and journalists..

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How does ARMY call BTS?

BTS has a huge international fandom, but most of their fans are stationed in South Korea. What makes BTS standout from other groups is their truly international fandom. The fandom calls themselves ARMY, which is an acronym for Adorable Representative MC for Youth. The word “army” is supposed to represent strength and a sense of unity. ARMY calls BTS “Bangtan”, which is a portmanteau of Bangtan Sonyeondan, which means Bulletproof Boy Scouts. Each member of BTS have their own nickname, as well as a group nickname. For example, BTS Jin is called “J-HOPE”, as he’s the group’s main dancer and rapper. BTS V is called “VOHSUNG” because he’s the group’s “visual”. Together, all of BTS are called “ARMY”..

Who named ARMY in BTS?

ARMY is an acronym for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth. The term was coined by the BTS fans, and it’s considered to be an informal name..

Why is BTS banned in China?

China banned BTS because it is a Korean music group. The Chinese government blocks access to Korean dramas and other content as a result of Korean government’s support for THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) to deal with North Korea’s nuclear threat. BTS’ fans in China said to BBC that they were disappointed and can’t accept it..

Why does BTS have no beard?

A lot of fans are wondering why BTS has no beard. It must be because of the military regulations. The Korean military regulations “recommend” all Korean men to shave their facial hair while enlisting. But it doesn’t mean Korean men are allowed to grow the beard. So the army offers the choice to the soldiers..

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What do BTS call their haters?

A lot of fans are curious about what is the term BTS use for haters. Because they are always criticized for their fashion style, dance etc. So the answer is SCREAM – this is their term for haters. Recently BTS also call their fangirls as “BANGTAN BOMBS” and it also means their fans..

Why do BTS fans say purple?

In a recent interview done by a Korean magazine, BTS’s Rap Monster revealed that their official fandom color was purple. The reason behind the color was the members’ belief that purple was a spirit color and it stood for the person who is continued and persevering and was also a special color. Also the color purple is said to represent an eccentric and passionate personality..

What are Suga fans called?

Suga fans are called ‘Cultist’. This is what Suga himself has called BTS’ fans. I don’t really know if this is correct or not, but it’s fun to be called one!.

Who Is Oppa in BTS?

BTS member Jin is referred to as “Oppa” by fellow member Jungkook. He is the oldest member of the group at 22 years old, born on December 4, 1993. Jin was born in Daegu, South Korea..

Is Yeontan a girl or a boy?

Yeontan is a boy. His name is Yeontan Seohyun. He was born on December 31, 2013. He’s a baby, so he is too young to have a conclusive sexual identity. He has a beautiful voice, but his voice changes as he gets older..

How does BTS feel about shipping?

BTS’s MV concepts are designed to be beautiful and to captivate fans, but fans have started to interpret these concepts in an unintended way. This is not BTS’s intention. We are aware that the meaning of certain images or scenes in some of BTS’s past or current MVs has been open to interpretation. However, images and scenes in the MV should be interpreted within the story of the MV, and they should not be separated from the MV’s story. We hope you will watch MVs and interpreted only the story, only the concept that the artists wanted to express..

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How big is the BTS army?

According to Billboard’s “K-Pop’s Kings of Social”, BTS became the first Korean act to exceed 10 million followers on their official Twitter account, which they did in October 2017. As of November 2017, BTS has the most Twitter engagements of any Korean act..

Is July 9 a BTS Army Day?

July 9 is not a BTS army day, but the day when the [Mino-muse] was born. [Mino-muse] is a nickname of BTS member Min Yoongi. Why is this day called [Mino-muse] day? Because this is when he got his stage name ‘Mino’. He is one of the rappers of the group and has a very unique rapper voice. So he was given the name and since then, the 9th of July has been called the [Mino-muse] day. Even though it’s not an army day, fans still celebrate it by posting pictures of Min Yoongi online, and by doing the ‘Min Yoongi dance’..

What was BTS first song?

BTS (Bangtan Boys) is a seven member South Korean boy band and considered as the best KPop Band till now. BTS first debuted as a group with the song “No More Dream” on June 12, 2013. In their very first performance, BTS won several awards including “Mutizen” on “M! Countdown”. In the same year, BTS won a record-breaking number of awards at the 2013 Melon Music Awards. In 2014, BTS released their first full-length album, Dark & Wild , and then a repackage album titled Skool Luv Affair ..

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